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Urology & Pelvic Floor

Ultrasound for Urology

BK Medical has been a leader in the development of Urology ultrasound solutions for over 40 years. Our systems offer unparalleled image quality and an extensive range of sterilizable transducers designed for urologists. Our systems seamlessly integrate with MRI/Fusion systems, support robotic-assisted surgery, and bring advanced modes like elastography and contrast imaging* to help you quickly and confidently identify regions of interest and reduce the need to refer your patient to other departments.

Prostate Imaging & Biopsy Guidance

Prostate imaging and biopsy guidance

Fusion Guided Biopsy

Prostate Brachytherapy

Prostate brachytherapy

Kidney Imaging

Penile and Testes Imaging

Penile and testes imaging

Pelvic Floor

*In the USA, contrast-enhanced ultrasound has not been market cleared by the FDA, with the exception of only select cardiac imaging applications. Contrast imaging on bk5000 has not been licensed by Health Canada.
Comprehensive Range of Sterilizable, Specialty Transducers

Advanced transducer technology and a comprehensive selection of styles and sizes offer superb access across a wide range of body types.

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