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Ultrasound for Penile and Testes

Ultrasound for Penile and Testes

Visualize blood flow in testes and the penile arteries with highly sensitive color Doppler. By using spectral Doppler, it is possible to examine and quantify blood flow. A comparison of arterial velocity before and during erection can often provide an explanation for the cause of erectile dysfunction. With superior visualization and a wide field of view, BK’s transducers enable you to check for vascularity, identify testicular torsion, and evaluate injuries in the testes.

BK Medical Systems


  • Next-level imaging quality
  • Customizable interface with intuitive Tru-Sense™ touch technology
  • Adjustable monitor for optimal viewing in landscape/portrait mode
  • Advanced transducer portfolio, offering highly sensitive color and spectral Doppler
  • Minimal system footprint for seamless integration into a crowded OR
  • Ultra high-resolution ultrasound system for urology
  • Exceptional prostate imaging
  • Premium kidney, bladder, and testes imaging
  • Fully adjustable and customizable
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  • Detailed Image Quality
  • Customized Workflow
  • Custom-Fit Clinical Design
  • Access to BK’s Advanced Urology Transducer Portfolio
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