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Ultra high-resolution Imaging for Urology

Exceptional Prostate Imaging

View real-time, ultra high-definition prostate images in sagittal and transverse planes for potentially faster examinations and biopsy procedures. Elastography helps identify regions of interest to perform more targeted and confident biopsies. Our unique Triplane transducer with simultaneous biplane and endfire imaging capabilities allows you to interrogate the gland from apex to bladder neck.

Premium Kidney, Bladder, and Testes Imaging

The bk3000 enables exceptional kidney imaging, measurement, and biopsies. You’ll see fine anatomical details and variations, and measure flow. Excellent Doppler spatial and temporal resolution allows you to see vascularization not normally seen with conventional ultrasound.

Enhanced Lesion Targeting with Fusion-Guided Biopsies

The combination of MRI and real-time ultrasound is designed to enable more precise, targeted, prostate biopsies. bkFusion offers an easy and familiar workflow to make prostate biopsy procedures in either the free-hand transrectal or the transperineal approach as efficient as possible.

See More During Prostate Interventions

With the ability to see more with the bk3000 during ultrasound-guided prostate brachytherapy and cryotherapy, you’ll be able to manage treatment with greater confidence. Advanced imaging features, dedicated transducers, measurement and calculation packages help differentiate and visualize tissue structures. Brachytherapy tools, including the biplane transducer and connection to planning systems, enable smooth workflow.