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Ultrasound can improve neurosurgical procedures by helping you navigate and identify lesions and anatomical structures in real-time. The bk5000 provides immediate, auto-optimized images that allow you to see the information you need, faster.

Visualization and Planning
Neurosurgical intraoperative ultrasound works in real-time to help provide a complete overview of brain/lesion anatomy and lesion localization, and can assist in the identification of brain shift after pre-operative scans.

Tumor Resection: Evaluation
Neurosurgical intraoperative ultrasound helps surgeons spare eloquent areas of the brain during tumor resection surgery. Repeated ultrasound scans throughout surgery allow real-time guidance on resection extent, and brain tissue characterization can assist in the assessment of residual tumor remnants.

Shunt Placements
Neurosurgical intraoperative ultrasound helps to guide safe and quick shunt placements, with accurate detection and targeting of the ventricle in question. With our burr-hole transducer and single-use needle guides, shunt placements may be performed by one person.


Brainlab Ultrasound Navigation Software provides updated and accurate images for instant navigation and enables real-time overlay of ultrasound imaging on pre-operative MRI/CT providing immediate information about brain shift.

Ultrasound Navigation Software facilitates scanning and reconstruction of 3D ultrasound data faster than intraoperative MR and CT and the digital transmission ensures no loss of ultrasound image quality.


Watch to learn more about BK Medical’s exclusive digital integration with Brainlab, and how bk5000 combined with Brainlab Navigation can be a powerful tool to provide critical information that helps neurosurgeons navigate procedures.

Dr. Michael Bartoš describes how real-time ultrasound images are overlaid onto preoperative MR or CT data, helping him identify and assess brain shift, navigate on up-to-date anatomical data, and evaluate extent of tumor resection.


The ‘hockey stick’ transducer provides excellent resolution in the extreme near-field and its flexible tip gives access to hard-to-reach areas.

The craniotomy transducer is ideal for guiding biopsy procedures, determining the adequacy of resection, and differentiating vascular malformation from adjacent hematoma.

The small footprint burr-hole transducer is designed to image the brain and guide procedures with precision.

See clinical images acquired with the neurosurgery transducers.

*Use of the ‘Hockey Stick’ transducer for intraoperative (neuro) and elastography has not been CE-marked.

    • High-resolution, real-time images with superb anatomical details.
    • Intuitive keyboard design.
    • Immediate, auto-optimized imaging via the No-touch Autogain feature.
    • Rapid boot time and up to two hours of plug-free imaging.
    • Sterilizable remote control for convenient control of the system in the sterile field.
    • Exclusive digital integration with Brainlab neuronavigation systems for full plug & play experience


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Flex Focus 800
    • High-resolution images available immediately
    • Smooth, sealed keyboard for easy cleaning and disinfection
    • State-of-the-art transducers for your surgical procedures
    • Sterilizable wireless remote control
    • Integration with neuronavigation systems


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