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About Us

From the very beginning, BK Medical has been committed to designing ultrasound systems that help surgeons image, guide, intervene, and navigate inside the human body. Surgeons are our customers, and they range from HPB surgeons, neurosurgeons, and robotic-assisted surgeons to urologists, colorectal surgeons, and more.

Our mission at BK is to enable real-time intraoperative guidance during surgical procedures, giving surgeons the information needed to immediately make critical decisions. Our products are designed and customized for surgical procedures, to help surgeons save time and get results.

Real-time visualization supports surgeons in achieving the best patient outcomes by allowing visualization of organs at the time of surgery and imaging the path of surgical devices during the procedure, as well as imaging at the end of surgery. BK Medical’s intraoperative ultrasound imaging can guide the surgeon through various steps – from staging through intervention to validation – all in one procedure, with one image taking less than a second.

Our unparalleled imaging technology is tailored to the surgeon’s needs, and BK systems integrate seamlessly in the operating room. With access to our dedicated training sessions and educational materials, all surgeons can feel confident using BK Medical ultrasound devices.

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