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Flex Focus 500

Flex Focus 500

Look beyond the surface and get the complete pelvic floor picture.

World Leader in Pelvic Floor Ultrasound Imaging

BK Medical systems are designed with advanced imaging technologies for superb image quality, enabling dynamic real-time examination during squeeze and Valsalva maneuvers and excellent visualization of tape and meshes.

Transducers Designed for Pelvic Floor

The BK 2052 3D Anorectal transducer automatically captures high resolution transvaginal or transrectal anatomy in 60 seconds so your patient doesn’t have to be subjected to a lengthy exam. 3D Viewer software will construct a 3D data cube, which provides accurate distance, area, angle, and volume measurements, enabling you to accurately visualize deeper structures.

High Resolution Imaging

With premium image quality on a high resolution, 19″ display, the Flex Focus 500 lets you clearly see the musculature and ligaments of the pelvic floor region in real time. Conduct dynamic testing, diagnose, discuss treatment, and book a surgical date all in one visit.