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Endocavity Biplane 8848

Image Guided Prostate Therapy

  • Sagittal scanning of any size prostate from base to apex
  • Clear and detailed image, for accurate volume studies and source dose planning
  • Customizable sagittal grids and preferences for brachytherapy
  • Clear visualization of seminal vesicles
  • Clear view of needle placement

Pelvic Floor scanning

  • Best broad view of anterior and posterior compartments for functional and anatomical studies
  • Reproducible 3D studies with external mover
  • Detailed high resolution biplane with 6.5 cm. linear and convex views




Transrectal, Transvaginal, Urology
Frequency Range
12 - 4 MHz
Focal Range
3 - 60 mm
Scanning Modes
B, M, Doppler, CFM, Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Image Field
180° (transverse)
250 g

Reprocessing Information

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