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Anorectal 3D 2052

Detailed, High Resolution Images

  • See rectal wall layers.
  • Evaluate the Radial, Longitudinal Extension of Sphincter Tears.
  • Assess the extent of anal sphincter damage.
  • Acquire deep penetrating, clear dataset images.
  • Measure detailed pelvic floor architecture in all x, y, and z planes, accurately.

Easy to Use 3D

  • Scan your patient and examine their data at any time, on any PC.
  • 3D cube provides accurate distance, area, angle, and volume measurements.
  • Reproduce your work with ease, one-touch operator-independent acquisition.
  • Cut through the data cube to see anatomical details in the best plane.



Transrectal, Transvaginal, Urology
Frequency Range
16 - 6 MHz
Scanning Modes
Image Field
850 g

Reprocessing Information

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