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The bk3000 delivers a new level of speed and performance

Superb Imaging, Enhanced Visualization

Ultrasound images inform important decisions. So the better you can see, the more confident you can be in your treatment decisions. That’s why the bk3000 is designed to deliver superb images with high spatial, temporal and contrast resolution, allowing you to quickly identify lesions and perform targeted biopsies.

Precision in Targeting

Performing targeted biopsies is more precise than ever thanks to the bk3000’s unique triplane transducer. Its simultaneous biplane and endfire imaging capabilities allow you to interrogate the prostate from apex to bladder neck and easily target all regions of the prostate with greater confidence and less patient discomfort.

Exceptional Detail, Unparalleled Control

Clarity counts, and so does speed. You can rely on the bk3000 to deliver high resolution images fast. No Touch Auto Gain quickly optimizes and adapts the image to meet your needs. Advanced modes, including elastography and contrast imaging, help you quickly and confidently identify regions of interest and reduce the need to refer your patient to other departments.

*Contrast imaging on bk3000 has not been licensed by Health Canada Elastography has not been licensed by Health Canada.