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“TEE” T7P2m

When high-resolution adult transesophageal imaging is needed, the T7P2m phased array transducer is the right solution. The 4-way flexible mechanism provides precise positioning for optimal cardiac imaging, while the ergonomic control handle design allows for one-handed operation. The T7P2m seamlessly integrates into the workflow of the bk3500™ ultrasound system for easy, straightforward operation.

The T7P2m transducer is ideal for ultrasound examinations of all areas of the heart (including chambers, valves and the aorta) without interference from the ribs or lungs. It is also useful in monitoring cardiac surgery procedures.

  • Small tip size for improved patient comfort
  • Multiplane imaging capability
  • Flexible, anti-buckling neck section

 Only compatible with the bk3500 system


Phased Array
Frequency Range
7-2 MHz
Scan Depth
20 cm
180-degree Motorized Array

Reprocessing Information

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