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See The Details You Need

bkSpecto offers excellent image quality to help you assess symmetry, abnormalities, and the extent of anal sphincter damage.

Advanced 3D Architecture

With high-definition, detailed images and an enhanced, streamlined workflow, bkSpecto’s advanced 3D architecture brings you new tools and features, helping you to easily manipulate, label, save, and compare 3D datasets. Learn more about our 3D architecture for anorectal imaging here.

Custom Workflow

bkSpecto has an intuitive, rapid, touch-based workflow that enables quicker training and faster procedures. The all-glass interface allows for easy cleaning and disinfection.

Custom -Fit Clinical Design

bkSpecto is designed for your workspace. Adjust monitor (portrait or landscape), interface angle, and system height to suit your needs. An integrated battery also allows for more than 1-hour of plug-free imaging.

BK's Advanced Transducer Portfolio

With bkSpecto, you will have access to BK Medical’s sterilizable, high-performance transducers for colorectal examinations.