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Superb Imaging, Enhanced Visualization

bk3000 is designed to deliver superb images with high spatial, temporal and contrast resolution, allowing you to efficiently visualize and assess symmetry, abnormalities, and the extent of anal sphincter damage.

Advanced 3D Architecture

With high-definition, detailed images and an enhanced, streamlined workflow, bk3000’s advanced 3D architecture brings you new tools and features, helping you to easily manipulate, label, save, and compare 3D datasets. Learn more about our 3D architecture for anorectal imaging here.

Exceptional Detail, Unparalleled Control

bk3000 delivers high-resolution images fast. No Touch Auto Gain quickly optimizes and adapts the image to meet your needs. Advanced modes, including elastography and contrast imaging, help you quickly and confidently identify regions of interest.

BK's Advanced Transducer Portfolio

With bk3000, you will have access to BK Medical’s sterilizable, high-performance transducers for colorectal examinations.

*Contrast imaging on bk3000 has not been licensed by Health Canada. Elastography has not been licensed by Health Canada.