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X18L5s (9009) Hockey Stick Transducer

  • Excellent Resolution in the Extreme Near Field
  • Small, flexible tip fits into tight spots
  • Tip can be adjusted to 0°, 30°, 60°, and 90° positions
  • Visualize flow with outstanding Doppler sensitivity


*Use of the ‘Hockey Stick’ transducer for intraoperative (neuro) and elastography has not been CE-marked.

Use of the ‘Hockey Stick’ transducer is not approved for intraoperative or neuro use with the bkSpecto.


Intraoperative (neuro), Intraoperative Imaging, Musculoskeletal, Neurosurgery, Peripheral Vascular, Small Parts
Frequency Range
18-5 MHz
Focal Range
5 - 60 mm
Contact Surface
9 x 32 mm
Scanning modes
B, M, PWD, CFM (includes Color Doppler and Amplitude (Power) Doppler), and combinations, Strain Elastography
Compatible Ultrasound Systems
bkSpecto, bk3000, bk5000, bkActiv
Image Field
Trapezoidal: 24.0 mm wide + expansion angle 2 x 15º
80 g

Reprocessing Information

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