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E11C3b (9008) High-resolution biplane Transducer

The E11C3b is a high-resolution biplane transducer ideal for prostate biopsies, examination and diagnostics.

  • Simultaneous biplane imaging gives you greater confidence in biopsy guidance. Use both sagittal and transverse views for better orientation during needle placement
  • Unique Smart ButtonTM allows you to switch easily between sagittal and transverse planes. The buttons also freeze, store, and print images with one press
  • Sleek design and side-fire arrays minimize patient discomfort, and ergonomic design improves operator comfort
  • Advanced transducer connector designed to reduce noise in the ultrasound image, and for convenient one-handed operation
  • Perform quick, reliable puncture and biopsy procedures with our single-use or reusable needle guides
  • Unique, fully-immersible transducer for easy sterilization



Frequency Range
11 - 3 MHz
Focal Range
3-58 mm
Scanning modes
B, M, CFM, Doppler, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Strain Elastography
Compatible Ultrasound Systems
Image Field

Reprocessing Information

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