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I13C3f (9076) Advanced Laparoscopic Transducer

The Advanced Laparoscopic transducer provides high-resolution imaging for clear visualization of anatomy and structures.
Visualize needle trajectory during tumor ablation procedures with new laser feature, and efficiently insert needles using the two specially designed needle guidance channels.
The 4-way flexible tip allows good organ contact and access to difficult to reach areas.

  • Widened needle channel for greater freedom of angle and new needle channel on transducer’s tip for the possibility of using two needles at once
  • New laser feature* to help visualize needle trajectory and hit the target with minimal needle insertions
  • New programmable Smart Button™ for easier control of the equipment
  • Advanced transducer connector designed for one hand operation as well as reducing noise in the ultrasound image
  • Easy cleaning and sterilization with a fully immersible and sterilizable transducer


* Class 2 Laser Product
The I13C3f has not been licensed by Health Canada.
Laparoscopic procedures for abdominal region. Liver, biliary, pancreas, kidney, stomach, uterus.


Intraoperative, Laparoscopic
Frequency Range
13-3 MHz
Focal Range
10 – 80 mm
Contact Surface
7 x 34 mm
Scanning Modes
B, M, CFM, Doppler, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Contrast Imaging, Strain Elastography
Compatible Ultrasound Systems
Image Field
Sector 35º Expanded sector 65º
410 g

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