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Flex Focus 800

Flex Focus 800

The Flex Focus 800 ultrasound system offers advanced features and transducers for your surgical procedures.

Designed for Surgery

The Flex Focus 800 ultrasound system is equipped with Quantum Technology™, which delivers precise real-time imaging and excellent color Doppler with superb spatial resolution. The system is compact and easy to move with an optional battery pack that provides up to four hours of plug-free imaging. Its sealed keyboard allows for easy sterilization and disinfection.

Intraoperative Surgery

BK’s intraoperative ultrasound transducers help you determine the optimal course of action in surgery by making it easier to differentiate between structures, and maneuver safely around obstacles. Our specialty transducers enable excellent access to organs of the abdominal area, including the liver, pancreas, and kidney. Our unique biplane transducer enables live simultaneous visualization of two planes, which may increase accuracy of procedures in difficult areas.

Laparoscopic Surgery

The Flex Focus 800 provides high resolution imaging, superior contrast resolution, and simultaneous display capabilities with Picture-in-Picture video integration. Access difficult-to-reach anatomy using versatile minimally invasive transducers with unique biopsy guides. You’ll see outstanding images of the liver, pancreas, gall bladder, and uterus. Our laparoscopic transducers allow you to image relevant regions, visualize and explore deep structures, and quickly obtain the information needed to proceed in optimal fashion.


Our specialty transducers provide detailed images of the brain and neurovascular structures. Our sterilizable transducers are compatible with modern disinfection and sterilization techniques. The small BK Burr Hole transducer is designed to guide procedures with precision. With premium, high resolution imaging, our Craniotomy transducer is ideal for guiding biopsy procedures, determining the adequacy of a resection, and differentiating vascular malformation from adjacent hematoma.

Unique Ultrasound Guidance for Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Achieve control, precision, and premium performance ultrasound imaging directly from the surgeon’s console. You will have full command of system functions, including Doppler. Our plug-and-play DVI offers seamless integration of images into TilePro™1. The BK Medical robotic surgery solution expands the possibilities of robotic-assisted surgery by enabling the use of ultrasound guidance during surgery. The robotic Drop-in transducer was designed to fit through the small incisions required for robotic-assisted surgery.

Colorectal Surgery

The 3600 imaging transducer allows you to see all the layers of the rectal wall in extremely high resolution. You can easily and quickly acquire 3D images and data sets as the transducer has a built-in 3D mover. These 3D images are an unsurpassed source of information to use in evaluating the patient.