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Flex Focus 400 exp

Flex Focus 400 exp

High resolution ultrasound imaging for needle-guided procedures.

The Clearest Image Makes the Clinical Difference for Your Patients

The Flex Focus 400 exp ultrasound system offers premium image quality with fast frame rates for excellent temporal resolution. The system features Automatic Mode Adjustment (AMA) to optimize high resolution B-Mode Imaging when changing modes and depth.

Enhanced Needle Visibility with Innovative X-Shine

X-Shine needle visualization option enhances the needle’s appearance in real time during in-plane procedures.

Optimized for Point-of-Care

See anatomy more clearly on a large, 19″ high resolution display. With up to 4 hours of plug-free imaging and a small footprint, the Flex Focus is extremely mobile.

Transducers Designed for Guidance

BK Medical offers high-frequency linear transducers, imaging from 18-2 MHz for upper and lower extremities, and curved array abdominal transducer 8820e for special deep nerves or paravertebral/spinal applications. Our transducers provide superb detail that makes it easy to see your needle during procedures.

Smart Button for Speed and Convenience

Transducers have a unique Smart Button that lets you activate the transducer, freeze, print, and store images with a simple press. It reduces time needed to change transducers and performs essential imaging functions quickly.