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Flex Focus 400 exp

Flex Focus 400 exp

Premium image quality for musculoskeletal procedures.

Guide Musculoskeletal Procedures with Ultrasound

The Flex Focus 400 exp offers excellent image quality for locating vessels, nerves, joints, and focal tissue abnormalities. Guide your procedures more confidently on a 19” high-resolution display.

Designed for Mobility

The Flex Focus 400 exp offers four hours of plug-free imaging and a small footprint to fit into tight spaces. The sleek design allows the Flex Focus to be easily moved from patient to patient.

Smart Button for Speed and Convenience

Transducers have a unique Smart™ Button that lets you activate the transducer and freeze, print, and store images with a simple press. It reduces time to change transducers and performs essential imaging functions quickly.

Innovative Needle-Guidance Technology

X-Shine needle visualization option enhances the needle’s appearance in real time during in-plane procedures.

Specialty Transducers for MSK

BK offers high frequency transducers from 185, 143, or 82 MHz for upper and lower extremities. Also, the Hockey Stick transducer 8809 is ideal for scanning the wrist, hand, ankle, and foot.