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High-Definition Image Resolution

Enhanced image resolution on bkActiv helps you visualize the details of normal and abnormal anorectal anatomy, rectal cancer, and other rectal conditions including  anal sphincter injuries, fistulas, abscesses, and rectal polyps and masses.

Advanced 3D Architecture

bkActiv features advanced 3D architecture for anorectal imaging which supports easy review of 3D datasets. 

Tailored to the Exam Workspace

bkActiv's simple, customizable user interface, featuring Tru-Sense™ touch, helps you evaluate your patient more efficiently and perform procedures with ease. 

Mounted on an extendable, flexible arm, the bkActiv monitor screen faces you and can be adjusted to view images in portrait or landscape orientation. 

Taking Diagnostic Planning to the Next Level

bkActiv's imaging platform helps you perform confident procedures by providing the high-resolution details needed to plan treatment and confirm results.

BK's Advanced Transducer Portfolio

With bkActiv, you will have access to BK Medical’s sterilizable, high-performance transducers for colorectal examinations.



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                                                                                         The Rob12C4 Robotic Transducer is compatible with bk5000 software version 5.16.2 and higher and bkActiv software version of 5.16.4 and higher.

                                                                                         bkActiv is not available in all countries. Ask your local representative about your options.