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Pre-clinical Products

Pre-clinical Products

Harness Portability and Human Approved Clinical Scanning

Sometimes research environments may be short on space, especially with the amount of equipment that can be used for conducting research studies and animal trials. Take advantage of the small footprint that the Sonix systems provide with either the SonixTouch cart or the hand-carried SonixTablet, both equipped with high-frequency imaging performance.


SonixTouch Research ultrasound system

SonixTouch Research

A diagnostic ultrasound system with full research and pre-clinical capabilities that create a unique, yet familiar experience for users interacting with the touchscreen console.

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SonixTablet Pharma ultrasound system for clinical research from Sonix

SonixTablet Pharma

A portable system with similar features as the SonixTouch, harnessing the same high-frequency and protocol capabilities that you would expect to find from any high-end ultrasound device tailored for pre-clinical research.

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High Frequency Transducers

BK Ultrasound’s Sonix systems offers a suite of high frequency transducers with bandwidths ranging 1 to 40MHz.

  • The revolutionary L40-8/12 is a small footprint transducer for small and medium sized animals
  • The new L40-12/10 transducer comes with an even higher center frequency and a smaller footprint


High frequency technology can be combined with the SonixDAQ, a parallel channel data acquisition tool for acquiring high frame rate (over 10,000 FPS) raw ultrasound data. This also supports acquisition of pre-clinical photo-acoustic images. Do all of this while targeting in real-time with a B mode image on the display.

Additional Transducers

We offer a range of transducers that are interchangeable among Sonix systems.