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Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

An increasing body of research points to the potential value of contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in connection with various procedures, from the non-invasive percutaneous imaging to the invasive intraoperative imaging.

CEUS makes it possible to observe flow in small vessels that are not visible by conventional ultrasound imaging modes. The vascularity of tumor tissue differs from that of normal tissue. CEUS can detect these differences and may be used to improve the sensitivity and accuracy of detection of lesions in the parenchymal organs.1

BK Medical’s systems and transducers can be used for an array of possibilities in contrast imaging. Our abdominal, laparoscopic, and intraoperative transducers are contrast capable.

*In the USA, contrast-enhanced ultrasound has not been market cleared by the FDA, with the exception of only select cardiac imaging applications.
1Skjoldbye, B, Pedersen MH, Gorr L. Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography of the Liver. BK Medical, 2007, BO0016-A

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