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SonixTouch Q+

SonixTouch Q+

An intuitive ultrasound system, optimized for emergency medicine

An easy-to-use, high-performance ultrasound system with excellent image quality

Designed for Emergency Medicine

Designed for emergency medicine, the SonixTouch Q+ offers a simplified touch screen interface for speed and efficiency, without complex knobs or buttons. The system comes programmed with FAST and RUSH exam protocols and can be customized with exams to suit the needs of your team. The system is lightweight, portable, and small enough for the tightest spaces.

High Resolution Imaging

See anatomy more clearly on a high resolution, 19” LED monitor. Featuring Quantum Plus technology, the SonixTouch Q+ offers sensitive color Doppler with excellent spatial resolution and sensitivity.

Available in US and China only

bkHub – Credentialing, Quality Assurance, Billing and Ultrasound Image Management – Designed for Emergency Medicine

SonixTouch Q+ integrates seamlessly with bkHub, a software platform that streamlines credentialing, quality assurance, billing and ultrasound image management to help you work faster and more efficiently. Roll the ultrasound to the bedside, perform an examination, and document it quickly with bkHub.

Compact and Plug-free

The SonixTouch Q+ is compact and easy to move from patient to patient in a busy emergency room. The optional battery pack offers cordless imaging, allowing the system to be moved into place and then pushed away from patients as often as needed – maximizing space in a busy ED.

SonixShine Needle Enhancement

SonixShine enhances visibility of the needle on the ultrasound image with the touch of a button. No further adjustment is required.