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Ultrasound System for Regional Anesthesia

Bringing Simplicity and Clarity to Needle Placement

When you’re performing needle-guided procedures, nothing is more important than a clear, high-resolution image. Now, getting the clearest image possible doesn’t have to come at the expense of performance and functionality. The bk3500¹ ultrasound system offers unparalleled image quality with remarkable simplicity and ease-of-use.

Efficiency at Every Step

With its intuitive operation and simple interface, the bk3500 is designed to seamlessly fit your workflow. From the integrated barcode reader that makes it easier to get started, to the responsive touchscreen that guides you through the procedure, the bk3500 is very quick to learn and easy to use. The exceptionally powerful ultrasound engine allows you to acquire high-quality images that help you to identify critical structures with confidence.

Simplicity in Design and Function

The bk3500 is compact, rugged and mobile making it ideal for small spaces. It has a fast cold boot-up time and integrated battery so you can start quickly, finish faster and move the system to where you need it. Even the transducers are built for speed, with a unique Smart™ button that lets you activate the transducer, freeze, print and store images with a simple press — reducing the time needed to change transducers and perform essential imaging functions.

With X-Shine, the Difference is Clear

Seeing the needle in tissue with ultrasound can be a challenge. The X-Shine needle visualization option offers you a clear advantage, enhancing the needle’s appearance in real time during in-plane procedures without any compromise to image quality or fast frame rates.