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OLD: Sterile Single-use Needle Guides

Sterile Single-use Needle Guides

BK Medical now offers sterile single-use needle guides for our unique Prostate Triplane 8818 and Prostate Biplane 8808e transducers.

Our new needle guides are individually sterile-packed, which means:

  • No risk for cross-contamination
  • One patient, one guide
  • Easy to use
  • Pre-assembled and ready to use
  • No need for additional preparation or cleaning following the exam

For the 8818:

UA1322-S14 Biplane guide
UA1323-S Endfire guide
UA1329-S Dual guide

For the 8808e:

UA1322-S14 Biplane guide

All the above needle guides are suitable for 17G needles.