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Ultrasound Transducers

Ultrasound Transducers

Sound Technology develops new products with the end user in mind. We offer lightweight transducers that are ergonomically designed to maximize comfort for the sonographers, physicians, and patients, even in the most demanding clinical settings. Our leading design and manufacturing processes allow us to offer a complete portfolio of diagnostic medical ultrasound transducers including:

  • Micro-Convex
  • Linear
  • Convex
  • 3D/4D Abdominal and Endocavity
  • Phased Array
  • CW Doppler

These high quality products can be provided in either kit or completed probe assemblies and cover a broad range of clinical applications including radiology, cardiology, OB/GYN, urology, surgery, and veterinary medicine.

2D Endocavity
2D/210 FOV Endocavity
Endorectal Biplane
3D/4D Abdominal
3D/4D Endocavity
Neonatal Phased Array

Contact us for details on our Sound Technology product portfolio and transducer design capabilities can help improve your image in the ultrasound market.