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OEM Transducer Manufacturing

Our excellence in manufacturing transducers comes from highly skilled employees and a commitment to invest in superior engineering, equipment, systems, and software.

Our extensive knowledge of manufacturing transducers for the medical ultrasound industry is applied at all stages of our manufacturing processes. Our knowledge is built into our products by our technicians, planners, supervisors, and engineers with the goal of supplying affordable, high-performance, high-quality products.

Our vertical integration allows us to maintain control of critical decisions related to quality outputs and key cost drivers. We strive to make only cost-effective, quality-conscience decisions when we build our products, and we take pride in achieving performance/cost competitiveness in both high-volume and low-volume lot sizes.

Our primary process disciplines include:

  • Dedicated manufacturing engineering groups
  • Piezoelectric composite processing
  • Specialized plating capabilities
  • High-precision dicing technology
  • Acoustic materials processing
  • Wiring and interconnection processes
  • In-house plastic manufacturing
  • Probe assembly