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A revolutionary ultrasound guidance positioning system.

Using multiple position sensors, including one embedded in the GPS transducer and another in the GPS needle, SonixGPS provides unique ultrasound guidance for nerve blocks and vascular access procedures.

Dr. Brian Pollard discusses how GPS technology can enhance patient outcomes and optimize safety:

* SonixGPS™ is a registered trademark of Sonix Medical Corporation – several patents are pending.

SonixGPS – reduces the learning curve for complex procedures

It’s no secret that guidance procedures take time to perfect. SonixGPS is an ideal training tool for nerve blocks, vascular access procedures, core biopsies, fine needle aspirations and more procedures that require ultrasound guidance.

Works in-plane and out-of-plane

Using SonixGPS, you can insert the needle from any direction – either exactly in-plane with the transducer, or out of plane. You will see the needle moving and its end point. For in-plane procedures, you will see orientation bars on the lower right side of the monitor that will help guide your needle and hand position. For out-of-plane needle navigation, you will be guided by an x or a circle on the monitor. Watch the video demonstration on this page to see SonixGPS in action.

Plan your trajectory before inserting the needle

You can plan your insertion to avoid unnecessary tissue manipulation and ultimately keep your patients more comfortable.

SonixGPS lets you decide on the angle and entry point

Some needle enhancement technologies require you to operate at certain angles and entry points to help guide the procedure. With SonixGPS, you have the freedom to operate at any angle and insert your needle from the location you think is best.

Shows the needle tip at all times

SonixGPS allows you to confidently and consistently keep track of your entire needle and distal tip during the procedure. You will see the needle tip even when it is not in-plane with the ultrasound image and even when it’s very deep.

GPS Transducers

There are two transducers available for the SonixGPS application:  C5-2/60 GPS Convex Transducer and L14-5/38 GPS Linear Transducer.

Needle Guidance

On-screen markers will let you know the precise location of your needle tip.

Sonix has several patents licensed and issued on many aspects of SonixGPS ultrasound guidance technology.