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Record, playback, archive and share ultrasound videos.

Sonix offers the unique ability to record up to 60 minutes of an ultrasound exam in high definition video

Easy 1-button operation to record and pause

You can start and pause your screen recording anytime by simply pressing a button.

Save a completely digital file in MPEG-1 Movie format

You can record and archive your files in the widely-used MPEG-1 movie format on your Sonix machine, on a server or save it to a USB stick. The videos are stored or shared electronically within the same HIPPA compliance protocols as still or multi-frame images.

Improve archive capability and flexibility when combined with bkHub

SonixDVR connects seamlessly to bkHub – our industry leading ultrasound data management application. Once video clips are uploaded to bkHub servers, users can login remotely to review and manage ultrasound movies, clips, images, and data.

Longer SonixDVR recordings improved credentialing

Unlike traditional Cine clips which can be up to 100 MB in size for a 25 second clip, SonixDVR records high quality video in small sizes. So you have the freedom to record longer videos to review later. Longer clips are useful for feedback, diagnosis and training.