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SonixDAQ – Pre-beamformed RF Data


Parallel Channel Data Acquisition for Ultrasound Research

The SonixDAQ, combined with the clinically approved SonixTouch Research, revolutionizes ultrasound research by providing 128 channels of pre-beamformed data while showing the B-Mode image on the screen.

Capturing pre-beamformed data on an Sonix device in real-time with SonixDAQ (4:15)

Specialized research module provides more data

SonixDAQ acquires pre-beamformed RF digital data from each channel on the ultrasound system. Access to this data allows scientists to create new beamforming techniques, research new scanning methods, develop photo-acoustic applications, and discover new methods for pathology detection for research purposes.

Interfaces seamless to SonixTouch Research

SonixDAQ connects to a transducer port on the SonixTouch to collect raw pre-beamformed data in a clinical setting for research applications. The transducer connected to the system is fully active while collecting data with SonixDAQ, this allows users to view and scan in any imaging mode on the SonixTouch Research including B and Doppler modes.

Learn how SonixDAQ can add value to your research (0:42)

Integrate with Research SDKs for maximum flexibility

The SonixDAQ combined with the Texo SDK allows for parallel data capture and full transmit and beam sequencing capabilities.


  • Time-gain curves
  • Analog filters
  • Analog gain
  • Acquisition depth
  • Channel masking
  • Standalone operations
  • External or internal triggering
  • Fill buffer and free run modes


  • 128 receive channels
  • Samples at 80MHz and 40MHz
  • 12 bit ADC resolution
  • 16 GB DDR2 on-board memory
  • USB 2.0 high speed connectivity
  • Option to program the main FPGA
  • SNR>60dB