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Sep 2014
BK Ultrasound Launches Powerful New Ultrasound System Delivering Three Times the Imaging Information

bk3000 Offers Excellent Performance Based on Proprietary TriCore Architecture

PEABODY, Mass., Sept. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Analogic Corporation (Nasdaq:ALOG), enabling the world’s medical imaging and aviation security technology, today announced the launch of its new bk3000™ ultrasound system, the newest addition to its industry-leading family of ultrasound products. The bk3000 is based on Analogic’s new TriCore™ architecture, which provides Ultra High Resolution imaging and Doppler; accelerated system control; and advanced transducer technology with Twin Cam pinless ZIF (zero insertion force) connectors. The new ultrasound system is targeted for general imaging and urology and procedure guidance applications, and is commercially available in key markets worldwide.

“Creating a powerful and efficient ultrasound platform designed to address new clinical challenges well into the future was the goal of Analogic’s scientists,” said Jim Green, president and chief executive officer of Analogic. “The proprietary and conceptual breakthroughs resulted in a new way to form images that ultimately offers three times the information in each ultrasound image compared with conventional systems. This is especially beneficial for high-resolution, deep imaging on large patients, where visualization of tissue contrast and organs within the abdomen is extremely challenging.

“The new system’s architecture is based on Graphic Processing Units, or GPUs, which are significantly more powerful and efficient compared to conventional CPU-based architectures,” continued Green. “The end result is an ultrasound platform with accelerated beam forming and computing pipeline for quick, confident assessments of anatomy and physiology during exams. In short, our new bk3000 offers lower cost of ownership and long-term value, while addressing the industry’s growing clinical needs. It is the basis of our next-generation family of systems targeting existing, new guidance and general imaging markets. Together, with our industry-leading Flex Focus and Sonix family of products, the bk3000 provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that addresses a wide range of customer needs.”

TriCore architecture, developed by Analogic scientists, is the combination of breakthrough technologies that enable the bk3000 to deliver a new level of imaging and performance. The company has developed a new way to optimize ultrasound image formation utilizing multichannel synthesis technology, which fuses the channel position and depth information, and dramatically reduces the noise and artifacts commonly found in ultrasound imaging. As a result, more acoustic information is available and image density is increased. Specifically, the Ultra High Resolution imaging and Doppler improvements allow for more accurate and consistent visualization of subtle tissue contrast differences, while simultaneously improving the ability to see small structures. There is more information at depth as well as increased frame rates for improved visualization of moving structures.

Featuring advanced transducer technology, the bk3000 is available with a comprehensive family of transducers including the industry’s only Triplane transducer. The advanced technology accommodates general imaging and urology applications, offering increased sensitivity and efficiency with improved scanning access across a wide range of body types. Transducers with Analogic’s unique Smart™ button enable clinicians to activate the transducer and freeze, store and print images with one press, so the time it takes to change transducers or perform essential imaging functions is reduced. In addition, the Twin Cam pinless ZIF connectors are designed to connect and be removed with one hand as well as reduce noise in the ultrasound image. Up to four transducers may be connected to the system.

“The bk3000 and the new advanced transducer technology allow clinicians to obtain a more uniform image at greater depth within the body on a wide array of patient types, especially those that are clinically challenging,” said Farley Peechatka, senior vice president and general manager, ultrasound business. “The resulting images acquired on the larger patients provide improved information on structures deep within the abdomen such as the liver or kidney, which previously were difficult to obtain with ultrasound due to a lack of adequate imaging penetration.”

The new bk3000 ultrasound system and its accompanying transducers will be shown for the first time at CIRSE 2014, The Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society European Congress in Glasgow, United Kingdom, September 13-17.

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