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Cancer Research

Cancer Research

Imaging Solutions from Screening through Treatment

Cancer research remains the only way to understand the mechanisms of cancers and has been responsible for the development of new and innovative screening procedures, treatment, targeted therapies, and less invasive surgical procedures.

BK Ultrasound’s Sonix system provides the most flexible research platform available today. It has provided solutions for cancer research in all areas: functional imaging for drug development and targeted therapies, guidance for surgical procedures, and development of new imaging technologies such as elastography. Harness the power of our research devices, and bridge the gap between pre-clinical and clinical research by using the same protocols and methods on the same platform.

Ken Hoyt from University of Alabama at Birmingham presents his cancer research projects at AACR 2012

Features for Cancer Research

  • High resolution imaging (70-100um)
  • Acquisition modes – B-Mode – Color Doppler Mode – Contrast Mode – 3D and volumetric imaging for anatomical and flow assessments
  • Ability to modify acquisition parameters in order to deliver various agents and evaluate treatments and treatments efficacy
  • Data analysis – measurements and calculations to evaluate flow patterns in very small vascular beds
  • Physiological monitoring during imaging (see accessories)
  • Ability to define and save protocols for high throughput imaging
  • Ability to export data in formats compatible with major imaging solutions
  • Platforms have dedicated applications for evaluations of tumor perfusion parameters, including blood flow and blood volume


Images courtesy of Kenneth Hoyt, PhD, MBA, University of Alabama at Birmingham. Triple-targeted ultrasound contrast agents provide improved localization of tumor vasculature. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, 30: 921-931, 2011.