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Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Ultrasound for Surgery

Ultrasound can be used to assist in visualization of hepatocellular lesions or liver metastases. Ultrasound is used to guide biopsies and ablation techniques, and assist in assessing the extent of benign and malignant lesions prior to laparoscopic resection or ablation. In the gall bladder, the main use of ultrasound is as a potentially faster and more cost effective alternative to intraoperative cholangiography in identifying choledocholithiasis.

BK Medicals’s laparoscopic ultrasound transducer, with its 4-way flexible tip, helps you explore and visualize difficult-to-reach anatomy during minimally invasive procedures. The transducer provides excellent high resolution imaging with superior contrast resolution, allowing you to see subtle tissue differences clearly. The flexible tip allows good organ contact.

BK Medical Systems

  • Ultra high-resolution ultrasound system for surgery
  • Specialized transducers designed
    especially for you
  • Small footprint for your crowded OR
  • 20-second boot time
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Flex Focus 800
    • High-resolution images available immediately
    • Smooth, sealed keyboard for easy cleaning and disinfection
    • State-of-the-art transducers for your surgical procedures
    • Sterilizable wireless remote control
    • Integration with neuronavigation systems


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