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HPB Surgery

HPB Surgery

Ultrasound can advance HPB surgical procedures by helping you navigate and identify lesions and anatomical structures in real-time. The bk5000’s superb image quality allows you to clearly see the margins of lesions and helps you achieve the best outcome for your patients.

Open Surgery
The T-and I-shaped transducers are ideal for scanning the liver, pancreas, kidney, and visualizing anatomy in transverse and sagittal plane.

Minimally Invasive Surgery
The l12C4f laparoscopic transducer has a 4-way flexible tip that allows good organ contact, helping you explore and visualize difficult-to-reach anatomy during minimally invasive procedures.

Intervention/Needle Guidance
The l12C5b biplane transducer with simultaneous visualization of transverse and sagittal planes is designed for guiding biopsies, needle placements and ablation procedures of the liver.

Transducers for HPB surgery

Fully sterilizable, specialized transducers designed for HPB surgery

See clinical images acquired with the intraoperative surgery transducers.

    • High-resolution, real-time images with superb anatomical details
    • Immediate, auto-optimized imaging using the No-touch Autogain and Auto Focus features
    • Rapid boot time and up to two hours of plug-free imaging
    • Sterilizable remote control for convenient control of the system in the sterile field
    • Small system footprint to fit in the OR
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